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The perfect communication system for outdoor sports like riding, skiing, climping, sailing and industrial assembly.

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Wilma Engel (CEO of Solid X GmbH) discovered in fall 2015 the Ceecoach System. Wilma is a rider herself and then first tested Ceecoach during numerous riding lessons. It quickly became clear that you can use Ceecoach in many sports likeriding, skiing, climping, sailing and industrial montage. Peiker CEE discovered winter sports early and, in 2016, water sports as an important field of application, for which the waterproof CEECOACH XTREME was developed. We took the CEECOACH to the air. Many tests in skydiving, in the wind tunnel during freefall training or paragliding have shown that CEECOACH also works perfectly here.

Whenever there are no major obstacles between the individual subscribers, interference-free communication via Bluetooth results at a distance of up to 500 meters. This opens up the use of CEECOACH for industrial assembly and stage construction in halls and at festivals.

How it works

CEECOACH Produktvideo from CEECOACH on Vimeo.

Before the first use, load your new CEECOACH. To do this, plug the enclosed charging cable into the micro USB port and connect it to the supplied power supply unit. The LED is now yellow. The charging process lasts for a maximum of 4 hours and the LED lights up green. Unplug the micro USB cable and connect your headset. Now switch on the CEECOACH by pressing the central, round talk button (o). The LED will now blink white. This tells you that no role has yet been assigned. Each CEECOACH device is now assigned its role separately – either as a moderator or as a participant:

  • Moderator: Press and hold the talk button (o) and plus key (+) for 2 seconds. The LED will now flash blue quickly and look for other devices that it can connect to. When done, the blue LED will flash slowly.
  • Participant: Press the talk button (o) and minus (-) button for 2 seconds. The LED quickly flashes green and looks for other devices to connect to. When done, the green LED flashes slowly.
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